Eater DC Touts Civil’s Wine, Rum & Diverse Clientele

  • Sun 02/03/13
Matt Krimm

Civil’s Matt Krimm (Photo: Missy Frederick/Eater DC)

Eater DC’s Missy Frederick makes a return visit to Civil Cigar Lounge and spoke to co-owner Matt Krimm. Eater touts our expansive list of wines, rums and diverse clientele.

But Civil is also designed for the first time cigar buyer, on someone who spends $5 rather than $40 on a single cigar. “We don’t want to have an air of pretentiousness,” [Krimm] said. “It’s just a classy, cool spot, where you can come in, have a drink, and get a cigar. Some people really focus on selling the most expensive thing, and it gets old.”

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